Guerrilla Shoot pilot 1 of The Shane Oneal experience

Day 1 starts of the “Guerrilla Shoot” pilot, with celebrity photographer Shane Oneal and crew. Let me paint a picture of the set…. A run down old town(the ones you see in scary movies), a chimpanzee dressed in jeans holding dynamite,magicians with throwing knives and a wheel of death,2 horses, 2 male models dressed in part armor clothing(thanks to SteamPunk)and 3 female models dressed in classic/punk bordeaux dresses.  Not to mention Lady Godiva,came riding in on a horse. What a day!I did all hair and makeup in the studio,and touch ups on set. Besides the fact I locked my keys in the trunk of my car,in the middle of no where,and the magicians were all out of magic. Luckily a local of  the small town was on site and had 3 sizes of slim jims. (Haha,I know). But Bob,thats his name,saved my night. It was a glorious day, of high fashion,great photography,stellarconcept,lots of great talent,and Bob with the slimjims. I had the complete Shane Oneal experience. Would like to thank Desert Ice Studio, Steampunk,the awesome stylists fromNYC,the film crew,production,Shane Oneal and Danielle Debruno. What an AWESOME day!! Keep posted on this. Its kinda a big deal :) thanks everybody!!

shane oneal

shane oneal expierence

sarah vickrey

desert ice studio

shane oneal

steampunk clothing

shane oneal photography

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