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Hi everyone!

So,its been a quite the eclectic month of red carpets, tv shows and photoshoots. A few things to check out this month,including new photos from Eric Ita photography and The Cohens wedding photography. Upcoming tv shows to look out for featuring my work,are The UfC awards(ring girls hair and mu) and also a new tv show on Oxygen,called the Bachelorette Party,I will be featured in 2 episodes. Also keep your eyes open for upcoming artist Lady Blake’s music video! Thanks for all your support,have a great holiday month. See you soon…..

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Shane O’neal takes over Rumor Hotel

Grand opening at Rumor Hotel in Las Vegas. With Shane Oneal photography,and Danielle Debruno behind the video. Add a pink pig,and 2 gorgeous models and you have a fabulous day of photography. No wefts or extensions, just some trusty bobby pins,lots of back combing,and some Smashbox makeup.


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The guy with the hat

I want to RE: introduce everyone to my friend,and Las Vegas Photographer Eric Ita. The guy whos only addiction is orange juice. Has some serious break-dancing moves, a lovely singing voice like a white guy, piano skills,and a pure and raw way with the camera. I feel spoiled working with him,he has the lighting done in no time! And,its always stellar! Eric Ita does both,fashion,commercial,editorial and beauty photography. I have had the privelage of working side by side with Eric since we both started into a new chapter of photography and glamour years ago. Through trial and trimbulation,and all our success.The best memory will be all the beautiful images and memories. enjoy.


eric ita





eric ita



las vegas photo

las vegas fashion photography

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Tattoo and Cars Shows

 day in the life of me! What I like to do on my spare time,and vacation with girls! Don’t we all love that! Getting all dressed up and having good times and laughs. Some pics of some of those memories. Which includes my only sister Jaclyn, My bf Jewels,and Butters, The lovely and funny Kate,and I think good ol’ Nancy made a debut too! Some are from Viva in Las Vegas,and the other from The Queen Mary in Long Beach. Thats always the trip of the summer for us. 3 days on a cruise ship,that doesnt port. It’s classic.


ink and iron

ink and iron 2008

viva car show

car shows

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98.5 radio: Lauren Michaels

Wow. was this woman awesome! Lauren showed up,pretty as could be,and personality,only some Las Vegas girls could only wish for! And she could model! I definitely felt lucky to have such a great client…The day starts off @ Desert Ice Studios with photographer Eric Ita.A simple day of headshots,and a little imagination,and *Poof* there you have it! enjoy!

lauren michaels

eric ita photo

desert ice studio

las vegas hair and makeup

lauren michaels

eric ita

sarah vickrey

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Guerrilla Shoot pilot 1 of The Shane Oneal experience

Day 1 starts of the “Guerrilla Shoot” pilot, with celebrity photographer Shane Oneal and crew. Let me paint a picture of the set…. A run down old town(the ones you see in scary movies), a chimpanzee dressed in jeans holding dynamite,magicians with throwing knives and a wheel of death,2 horses, 2 male models dressed in part armor clothing(thanks to SteamPunk)and 3 female models dressed in classic/punk bordeaux dresses.  Not to mention Lady Godiva,came riding in on a horse. What a day!I did all hair and makeup in the studio,and touch ups on set. Besides the fact I locked my keys in the trunk of my car,in the middle of no where,and the magicians were all out of magic. Luckily a local of  the small town was on site and had 3 sizes of slim jims. (Haha,I know). But Bob,thats his name,saved my night. It was a glorious day, of high fashion,great photography,stellarconcept,lots of great talent,and Bob with the slimjims. I had the complete Shane Oneal experience. Would like to thank Desert Ice Studio, Steampunk,the awesome stylists fromNYC,the film crew,production,Shane Oneal and Danielle Debruno. What an AWESOME day!! Keep posted on this. Its kinda a big deal :) thanks everybody!!

shane oneal

shane oneal expierence

sarah vickrey

desert ice studio

shane oneal

steampunk clothing

shane oneal photography

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Frontiers Magazine behind the scenes of a cover shoot

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Lake Las Vegas Part 2 & 3

The 2nd part of the day and looks, is off to a good start. Part 2 and 3 run into the day to night. Same team. Same theme. Working on only her hair and makeup,taking down,putting back up,wiping off makeup and re-applying.(i will have a video soon) on best tricks for changing looks. I have to give it up for the lighting and styling as well;) A good team, is an assest.victorian shoot

Ermalinda Manos


Part 3

las veags hair stylist

eric ita

lake las vegas

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Lake Las Vegas Victorian Photo Shoot Part 1

sarah vickrey makeup artist

It’s a sunny day in Lake Las Vegas, for famed local photographer Eric Ita and his crew. Shooting Part 1 of The Victorian Shoot. With 3 looks in 4 hours. No outlets, just some trusty hands and makeup,and a few bobby pins,and there you have it! Stayed tuned for part 2. Styling was done by upcoming fashion designer Ermalinda Manos. Photography and concept by Eric ita. Assistant and edit designer Vince Patrick. Hair and makeup done by Sarah Vickrey.

eric ita photo shoot

eric ita las vegas photographer

sarah vickrey & stylist

editorial photoshoot - victorian

lake las vegas photoshoot

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